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From my solo exhibition, "Left Behind"

left behind 残されたもの

(Story) While my wife was out of the house, I was in the habit of bringing home a female acquaintance of mine. As the camera had been a passion of mine at the time, I would have the woman pose as my model as we played about. I was unimaginably provoked as I saw the boldness in the beauty of the woman I was shooting. These pictures were to be proof of our secret relationship, a secret record that can be viewed by no other.

Nearly a year after my husband had passed away, I came upon a tin in one of his drawers. Inside were a number of pictures of a woman I didn’t know in our living room and kitchen inappropriately exposing herself. In the moment that I set eyes on these photographs, I not only knew when these photographs were taken, but also the secret relationship he had with this woman. While I wanted to tear them up and throw them all out, at the same time, I couldn’t stop looking at them. I felt that I had a duty to release these photographs as the“works”of the husband that I loved.                 テキスト英訳:Otho Faure
March 4 - 21, 2016 Shuji Kobayashi Photo Exhibition "left behind"